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We carry baseball pitching machines and softball pitching machines of all shapes and sizes, from portable to permanent and everything in between. We have a price range to fit your budget and many different brand choices including Jugs, Sports Attack, Master Pitch, and Heater Sports. Each brand offers something unique in the pitching machine space and should be looked at for all needs of baseball and softball training. 

We carry machines designed for youth ball and those designed for the highest level that send 100mph heaters to the mound. Some throw only fastballs, some are lightweight, some throw changeups and breaking balls, some have remotes, some have LCD screens, some can hold 600 balls at one time! If you know what you're looking for you can shop by type but if you would like to learn more about the differences of baseball pitching machines then read below.

Portable or Permanent 

Most of the machines we carry here are of the portable variety. Some can pack in small cars even while a handful are designer for a more permanent solution and even have tie down loops for security. The Iron Mike models from Master Pitch hold hundreds of baseballs and softballs and are the same ones you see in batting cages across the country. These are definitely meant for longevity.

As long as you know your final usage then you will be able to make a great decision. And if you aren't sure yet, then just choose one that is portable so you can easily bring it anywhere.

Baseball Only, Softball Only, or Both

We have machines that are one sport only and some that are hybrid easily. Some will simultaneously run both sports while others need extra accessories to make it work for both sports. Either way, choose one that fits your best needs on the mound. 

Some of the baseball pitching machines can convert over to softball pitching machines when changing the feeder only. These are more versatile machines and can be very handy with multiple sports programs at one facility. Others will work only with one sport and specialize in the delivery of that ball. Make sure and check the item's description to find out.

Changeups, Curveballs, and Breaking Balls

Some of our machines are great at fastballs and perfect strikes while others specialize in breaking balls and changeups. Changeup machines are more rare but are awesome at giving the batter a uniquely similar experience to a live pitcher. These machines don't let the batter know what pitch is coming so they can simulate being in game.

Changeup machines typically cost a little more because of the technology used to pitch that ball. If you aren't in need of a changeup then choose a machine without that capability and save some money.

LCD, Memory, Programs, Technology

If its technology, memory, stats, and pitching programs you need, then check out the Sports Attack models with screens. These truly are the most technologically advanced pitching machine systems. They can store pitch types, rotations, and dial up unique pitches to create a game-ready simulation. These machines have simple touch screen functions built-in and are state-of-the-art pitching machines. 

Check out some of the features of these machines and see if these robo machines are what you need.

One, Two, and Three Wheel

Most machines we carry besides the Iron Mike Master Pitch machines use rapid wheel rotation technology to deliver pitches. This creates for safe delivery of balls and consistent location. The wheel amount does have a lot to do with ball rotation though and is important to take note. The more wheels the machine has the more advanced rotation can come from them and more realistic the pitches will be. 


Whichever baseball or softball pitching machine you end up choosing, make sure and look through the descriptions and find one thats perfect for your usage. If your buying one for the backyard, the training facility, the school, or club, you want to make sure you buy the perfect machine for you. 

If you need help figuring out which pitching machine is perfect for you then contact us today!